Get to know José Davíd Reynoza…

José Davíd Reynoza as Unsavi de la Vega, IN THE HEIGHTS

Jose David Reynoza as Usnavi de la Vega

Name: José Davíd Reynoza
DOB: November 10th
Hometown: born in Durango, Mexico but grew up in Brighton, Colorado. What is home??
Education: University of Northern Colorado 
Day Job: student/ freelance event photographer 

Season: Fall
Movie: La Vita é Bella (Life is Beautiful)
Musical: In the Heights… and I’m not just saying that, promise!
Color: Blue!! …Or Red! Depends on the day.
Animal: Lion! Rawr… 🙂
Book: I need to make more time to read! But loved Shutter Island.
Band: One Republic. 
Song: “I Lived” by One Republic.
Sport: Play soccer, watch football.
Beverage: Orchata or iced tea please.
Pastime: Drawing, or watching movies! 

Piragua or Ice Cream? Piragua! Watermelon flavor please.
Dogs or cats? DOGS! I might be allergic to cats.
Beer or Wine? Depends, are we trying to be classy? Pinot Grigio please. 
Cake or Pie? Tres leches yeah?
Sweet of Sour? Both? Sour Patch Kids!
Coke or Pepsi? Coke! In a glass bottle yes?
Spicy or Mild? Mango habanero spicy.
Coffee or Tea? Tea! Unless it’s cafe con leche! 
Boxers or Briefs? Let’s say both.
Piercings or Tattoos? Probably will get a tattoo one day. Neither right now.
City or Country? City with the country nearby to escape to when needed.
Netflix or Hulu? … Hulu usually actually!

You are stranded on a deserted island, what two items do you bring? Music and…. wait can I bring a boat, or is that cheating? 😉
You win the lotto, how do you spend $96,000.00? Help my parents first and invest in theater!
When life hands you lemons? Squeeze one into your rum and coke!
Who is your hero? Other than my parents, Lin Manuel Miranda… yes cheesy, but true.
What’s your biggest fear? Dying without having left a legacy of some kind and inspiring others to follow their dreams.
What inspires you? Love, and seeing dedicated passionate people strive for greatness.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Living in New York, happy, and starting a regional theater company somewhere!
Can we follow you? FB? Twitter? Instagram?
…Yes please! All the above! LINKS: FB, TWITTER & INSTAGRAM

Why see IN THE HEIGHTS? It’s a great and fun story with a lot of heart!! Great music and witty lines. A very important show, especially in this political climate, with a message of unity and love. I guarantee it’ll be a great time! 🙂


In the Heights


Get to know Faith Ford

Faith Ford as Tracy Turnblad in HAIRSPRAY

Faith Ford as Tracy Turnblad

Name: Faith Ford
DOB: December 2nd, 1993
Hometown: Loveland, Colorado
Education: BA in Acting and BA in Psychology from UNC
Day Job: Waitress

Season: Fall
Movie: Tarzan (The animated one. No joke. This is an amazing soundtrack too.)
Musical: Dear Evan Hansen
Color: Pink!
Animal: Dogs
Book: A Chance of Love
Band: That’s tough. Probably The Rocket Summer or Panic! At The Disco.
Song: Again, super tough. I collect music. So currently, I’m gonna go with “Dancing With Myself” by Billy Idol.
Sport: Football. Go Broncos!
Beverage: Apple juice.
Pastime: Dominating at Monopoly.

Dogs or cats? Dogs!
Beer or Mixed Drinks? Mixed drinks.
Cake or Pie? I. Love. Cake. My parents even have a video of me exclaiming how much I love cake when I am only 2 years old.
Sweet of Sour? Sour.
Coke or Pepsi? Neither. Dr. Pepper.
Spicy or Mild? Spicy.
Coffee or Tea? Tea. Chai specifically.
Boxers or Briefs? Wow…this is a little personal 😉
Piercings or Tattoos? Piercings.
City or Country? City.
Netflix or Hulu? I’m gonna have to go with Hulu.

It takes two to…? Do a dance lift.
You can’t stop the…? BEAT.
You are stranded on a deserted island, what two items do you bring? Wireless speaker and water.
When life hands you lemons? Make lime juice and let people wonder how you did it.
Who is your hero? My father. He’s done a lot in life when given very little.
What’s your biggest fear? Heights. Not the height itself, but falling from heights.
What inspires you? Watching my fellow peers and friends achieve greatness. When I see them accomplish so much, it pushes me to do more.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Performing in some great show on Broadway.
Can we follow you? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Sure can! If that’s something you’re interested in. FB: Faith Ford. Twitter: faithsiobahn1. Instagram: faithsiobahn.
Why see HAIRSPRAY? This is one of the most talented and kind group of actors I have ever had the privilege to work with. Everyone is so dedicated, and I get excited each day at rehearsal seeing what they all bring to the table. It’s definitely got a lot of heart, and although this is going to be like other productions of Hairspray that you’ve seen in certain aspects, I guarantee, we are still going to bring a different perspective and a whole lot of love to that stage.
HAIRSPRAY is set in 1962 Baltimore Maryland, what can this story teach us today? This story is all about coming together and realizing that at the core, we are all the same. In today’s America, I think this story is still incredibly prevalent. Our communities need to come together in the midst of all of the tragedy that has been taking place. Our hearts are all the same, experiencing heartbreak, love, excitement, anger. At the end of the day, we as a community must bond and support one another regardless of race, size, sexual orientation, or whatever it may be.