May 17 – June 16, 2013Hair

Book and Lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni; Music by Galt MacDermot. Produced for the Broadway Stage by Michael Butler, Originally Produced by the New York Shakespeare Festival Theatre

Directed by Nick Sugar

Production Team
Director: Nick Sugar
Music Director: Donna Koplan Debreceni
Set Designer: Tina Anderson
Lighting Designer: Jonathan Scott-McKean
Sound Designer: John Rivera
Video Designer: Brian Freeland
Production Stage Manager: Steven Neale
Costume Designer: Linda Morken
Props Designer: Becky Toma
Sound Operator: Cara Wallingford
Running Crew: Terri Fong and Rebecca Joseph

Berger: Matt LaFontaine
Woof: Burke Walton
Hud: Tyrell D. Rae
Claude:  Casey Andree
Jeanie: Rebekah Ortiz
Dionee: Ashlie-Amber Harris
Crissy: Lauren Cora Marsh
Sheila: Norrell Moore
Margaret Meade: Abby M. McInerney
Tribe:  Carter Edward Smith, Faith Goins, Jacob Villarreal, Jessica Evans, Noah Jordan, Rae Klapperich, Shena Mathew, Taylor Nicole Young, Tim Howard

Keyboards: Donna K Debreceni
Bass/Guitar/Banjo: Scott Alan Smith
Guitars: Mitch Jervis
Percussion: Larry Ziehl


Mile High Gay Guy