Actor’s Workshop

Actors’ Workshop

Every actor has a toolbox filled with skills.

These classes are designed to build more educational foundations for young performers and really focus on those specific skills that help round out every young actor. Actors’ Workshop classes are much more specialized and focused on individual disciplines of theatre arts.  We offer regular classes that consist of things like: Monologue Preparation, Scene Study, Performing the Song, Audition workshops, Vocal Coaching, Choral Performance—many different dance classes from beginner through advanced, incorporating all different styles. 

These classes are for all different age groups including the young first time performer who wants to learn, as well as the seasoned youth looking to add to their skill set and fill their actor’s toolbox.

We bring in only top level working professional performers that are successful in their fields. Our Instructors include many award winning actors, singers, dancers, choreographers, directors and more.

Visit our Instructor Bios page to see photos and bios of our staff.


Actors’ Workshop classes are offered year round and are designed to hone all the different aspects of theatre arts. Each one of our classes has limited space available so we can make sure it’s a focused teaching atmosphere. Cost is based on the type and length of the individual offering. Call us for more information.