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Sonny, a street artist in 1980 L.A., is dissatisfied with his artistic abilities and deeply depressed. On Mount Olympus, Clio, the youngest of the Muses, decides to travel to L.A. and help him become a great artist. To be sure her identity as a Muse is not discovered, she dons roller-skates, leg-warmers, and an Australian accent! As she helps Sonny, Clio begins to succumb to that oh so human emotion, love. All the while her sister-muses, jealous that she is Zeus’s favorite, plot against her. Will Zeus forgive Clio? Will he accept her love of a human? Will they live happily ever after in XANADU?! Oh…and…what is “Xanadu”?

CALL FOR VIDEO SUBMISSION – Deadline Friday May 29, 2022

Employment Opportunities


The Marketing & Design Manager is responsible for the public presentation and message for the Town Hall Arts Center (THAC) organization to the media, local communities, patrons, members, and the financial community to ensure the long-term health and support of THAC. The position would focus on finding new markets and new audience. Contact:

Part Time
$15-19 per hour DOE
Typical Hours:
Performances (Thursday, Friday, Saturday 5:30-10pm; Sunday 12:30-4:30pm; Occasional Monday/Wednesday performances
Daytime (Lobby open Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturdays 11am-3pm)
Patron Experience Associates receive (4) Comp tickets to every show put on by THAC!

We are currently ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for PATRON EXPERIENCE ASSOCIATE. Interested applicants should have night (PM) and weekend availability, while being able to commit to working (2) performances shifts per week. Limited (~15 hours/week, M-F) daytime shifts also available. If interested, please send your resume and a brief introduction of yourself to Savannah Reeves, Patron Experience Manager: PLEASE NO TELEPHONE CALLS.

The Patron Experience Associate is responsible for creating, maintaining, and enhancing, a cultural environment and physical space where patrons can build relationships and connect with live theatre and the arts! Associates in this role will assist patrons in finding the perfect arts experience by providing general information, selling and upselling ticketed events, fulfilling donation and gift certificate requests, all while embodying outstanding customer service skills and accuracy through the Box Office. Associates will be trained in and fulfill the role of House Manager during performances, which includes supervising volunteers, setting up and assisting with concessions through the night, and most importantly, acting as a leader and resource for our patrons, staff, and volunteers.

For more information and the full job description, please click below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Visit the Volunteer Page or contact: Savannah Reeves, Patron Experience Manger by email: